The volley and smash are all important in doubles. Here are some links to instructional videos to give you tips on how to hit them better. Better technique=better consistency=better tennis 🙂

Forehand Volley:

Video 1:

What I like about this video:
* Shows the grip and how simple it should be!
* Shows some backhand volleys too.

* If starting high, don’t end up low as the ball will likely end up in the net.

Video 2:

What I like about this video:
* Contact point way out in front
* Left foot step into the volley. Weight moving forward.
* Angle of the racket. Face is pointing forward from beginning through to end. No ‘swing’.

* Be careful not to just stick the racket out. You still need to ‘punch’ the volley, that combined with stepping into the volley generates the pace.

* Try stamping your left foot when stepping into the volley as a drill to show you have your weight moving into the volley.

Volley Footwork:

Video 1:

Practice against the wall when off court like this:

Video 2: 41secs -> 2.23

The guy in the video is a bit of a show off but shows some helpful wall drills.


Video 1: