Results Archive

Ravenshead LTC compete in the Notts LTA summer leagues. Below you will find our more recent league positions.

From 2010 we have moved our 2nd mixed team into the new Short Format Notts league. In this league matches are reduced to 4 sets each instead of the usual 6. Makes matches a little shorter and easier on the legs!

From 2018 both Men’s and Women’s team will also play in the Short Format league.  It is hoped the shorter duration matches and 2 less sets will appeal to most.

From 2014/15 we have entered a team in the Winter Mixed league.  Our members can’t get enough tennis and many now play all year round.

2017/2018 has seen the club enter the Notts Indoor League for the first time following by a 2nd team for 2018/2019 and a 3rd team for 2019/2020!. A clear sign of the members desire for competitive tennis. 🙂

We are always looking for players who enjoy a little competitive action to join our dedicated bunch of team players.

YearMenWomen1st Mixed2nd Mixed3rd Mixed2nd Men
2021(Short Div 1) 3rd(Short Div B) 2nd(Div 2) 7th(Short Div 2) 2nd(Short Div 5) 5th(Short Div 4) 2nd
2020C19C19C19 C19 C19
2019(Short Div 1) 2nd(Short Div B) 1st(Div 2) 4th(Short Div 1) 7th (Short Div 5) 2nd
2018(Short Div 1) 1st(Short Div B) 4th(Div 2) 5th(Short Div 1)  
2017(Div 3) Withdrawn(Short Div C) 2nd(Div 2) 5th(Short Div 1) 3rd (Short Div 1) 4th
2016(Div 3) 5th(Short Div D) 2nd(Div 3) 2nd(Short Div 1) 3rd (Short Div 1) 4th
2015(Div 2) 7th(Div 4a) Withdrawn(Div 2) 6th(Short Div 1) 5th (Short Div 1) 4th
2014(Div 1) 7th(Div 3) 7th(Div 1) 7th(Short Div 1) 3rd (Short Div 2) 1st
2013(Div 2) 2nd(Div 4b) 1st(Div 2) 2nd(Short Div 1) 3rd  (Short Div 1) 6th
2012(Div 3) 1st(Div 5a) 1st(Div 3) 2nd(Short Div 1) 4th  (Short Div 2) 5th
2011(Div 3) 5th(Div 4a) 6th(Div 2) 7th(Short) 4th  
2010(Div 4a) 1st(Div 4a) 4th(Div 2) 5th(Short) 3rd  
2009(Div 4a) 2nd(Div 5a) 2nd(Div 2) 4th(Div 7a) 3rd  
2008(Div 4a) 2nd(Div 4b) 7th(Div 2) 5th(Div 6a) 5th  
2007(Div 5b) 1st(Div 4b) 4th(Div 3) 1st(Div 7a) 3rd  
2006(Div 4b) 7th(Div 5a) 1st(Div 3) 4th(Div 6a) 5th  
2005(Div 5b) 3rd(Div 4b) 6th(Div 3) 4th(Div 5a) 6th  
2004(Div 4b) 6th(Div 5b) 1st(Div 4b) 2nd(Div 6a) 3rd  
2003(Div 5a) 2nd(Div 4a) 6th(Div 4b) 7th*(Div 6a) 2nd*  
2002(Div 5a) 4th(Div 4a) 4th(Div 5b) 2nd(Div 6a) 4th(Div 7b) 7th 
2001(Div 5a) 3rd(Div 5a) 1st(Div 6a) 1st(Div 7a) 1st(Div 7b) 7th 
2000(Div 6b) 1st(Div 6b) 2nd(Div 6a) 3rd(Div 6b) 7th(Div 7a) 7th 
1999(Div 6b) 5th(Div 5b) 6th(Div 7a) 2nd(Div 7b) 3nd  
1998(Div 6b) 4th(Div 6a) 1st(Div 6a) 8th(Div 6b) 8th  
1997(Div 5a) 7th(Div 5a) 6th(Div 5b) 7th(Div 7) 5th  
1996(Div 5a) 5th(Div 5a) 5th(Div 4a) 7th(Div 7) 6th  
1995(Div 5a) 3rd(Div 5a) 3rd(Div 5a) 2nd(Div 6a) 7th  
1994(Div 6b) 2nd(Div 6b) 1st(Div 4a) 6th(Div 7) 4th  
1993(Div 7a) 3rd(Div 6b) 3rd(Div 5a) 2nd(Div 6b) 9th  

* In 2003 there was an issue with incomplete results for the Mixed teams. Therefore the results for that year were expunged.

Indoor League

Year1st Team2nd Team3rd Team
2021/22Centre ShutCentre ShutCentre Shut
2020/21Centre ShutCentre ShutCentre Shut
2019/20Div 5 – C19Div 6 – C19Div 7 – C19
2018/19Div 6 – 1stDiv 7- 2nd 
2017/18Div 8 – 1st