After moving up a division this year we expected hard matches so were pleased with results of 4 wins and 1 close loss (81/2 – 91/2) to Musters. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Musters lost their last match , but although equal points Ravenshead win the league and go up to the dizzy heights of division 3 on set totals!!!

The number of lady members is small so makes it even more incredible that we have managed to get to this level. This has never been attained before in the history of Ravenshead Tennis Club, so well done to all and we look forward to more challenging matches next season.


Resounding win for ladies last match of season!!!!

Strong team gained 14 – 4 home win over E Bridgford, leaving us with 4 wins and 1 loss (81/2  – 91/2) So just a slight chance of promotion depending on Musters results.

Well done and many thanks to all the ladies who participated -Angela, Lindsay.Denise, Jane, Helen W, Jenny H, Yvonne and Charlotte.


Had a good result at Newark ( in the afternoon heat ) winning  11 1/2 – 6 1/2. All quite worried now as if we win the next game there is a chance we could go up again!!!

Well done to all 6 ladies.

Ladies vs Wollaton

We had the dream team today with the 6 strongest ladies giving a resounding win over Wollaton of  17 1/2  –  1/2.

Well done to all, especially Angela playing with an injured shoulder.

Special thanks to Katie for baking us a wonderful strawberry gateaux for mum Jane. Highly recommended!

Ladies @ Musters

Ladies match was played in drizzle, rain and wind at Musters. Couldn’t believe it was a June day! We all got soaked in various degrees so well done to all who stuck it out. Unfortunately we lost 8 1/2  – 9 1/2. Carrot cake was delicious.

NB Next time you have a social evening before a ladies match please talk more to Jenny Hughes as she never shut up in the car going.


First ladies match took place on 9 June.  All a little apprehensive as the team has gone into a higher division with only a handful of ladies available. The team proved solid and gave a good result of 15 1/2  –  2 1/2 win over Caunton. Well done to all ladies and compliments on the food provided, especially egg sandwiches.