Update on Ladies short format results

This is the first season of ladies playing in the short format league. We have had 3 matches but only 2 played as Mansfield had to concede as they could not get a team. We have had resounding wins 12-0   and 9-3 as we have entered this league at the bottom division so the standard is not high. This season will hopefully enable us to start climbing the division to get to a standard that is more challenging. The last 2 matches are not till Sept and Oct  so will update then. Many thanks to all who took part, pleased to be getting a team out considering the small number of ladies available.


After 1 loss and 1draw, ladies won the E Bridgford match playing to a result. Rain delayed the start and heavy showers continued throughout

but we all played on through the rain to get the match finished to watch Wimbledon mens final. So once again thanks to all and apologies for any spoilt hair doos.

Close match at Caunton

A very enjoyable match with close games left us with a 9 -9 draw.Since this was not our strongest team, we did well and thanks to all who played.

loss to start season for ladies

Enjoyable tennis but unfortunately resulting in a loss of 5 – 13 to Mapperley. It was a struggle to get 6 ladies and if any of these had stepped down we would have had to pull out so thank you to all. Angela and Helen Blount gained 2, Denise and Steph 2, Karen and Yvonne 1.

Last ladies match of the season

Although we had a strong team we could not get the win which might have secured our stay in div 3. We lost 61/2 – 11 1/2 to Burton Joyce who have won all their matches and hope to go up.

Now with only I win throughout the season it looks like we will be demoted next year. On a positive note, we have a challenge for next season to get back up there!

Would like to thank all ladies who played throughout the season (whether willingly or not)….. Angela, Lindsay, Jane, Charlotte, Helen, Karen, Steph, Yvonne, Janet, Katie, Sarah, Jenny and myself.

Another loss for ladies in division 3

Enjoyable game played at Woodthorpe with a good standard of tennis, but unfortunately we could not get a win despite Lindsay and Angela gaining most points. 101/2  – 71/2.

Special thank you to Charlotte who played her 1st match since having baby Jacob.To be able to play she had to feed him immediately before and after the match, so very well done.

Now setting sights on a win for our last ladies match which hopefully will keep us in this division!

Another loss in division 3 for the ladies

Retford delivered  6 strong ladies who all had consistency which won the day.

Enjoyable, hard games many of which were close but ended in 41/2 – 151/2 loss.

As usual egg sandwiches and home made cakes were up to usual high standard.

Enjoyed by all and thanks to all who participated.


With Sunday being fathers day we struggled to get a team but Steph and Sarah stepped in to enable us to get this win. Many thanks to you both.

It was a close match with a game score of 70 – 70 but a vital win for Ravenshead 10 – 8. Hoping to win at least 1 more so we can stay in this division. Enjoyed by all.

Ladies vs Newark

After loss of 1st ladies match we were hoping to secure a win against Newark, but unfortunately it was not to be. Although many of the sets were very close with 4 -6 scores we ended with a loss of 12-6. Well done to Lindsay and Angela for highest scores. Enjoyed by all.

LADIES vs Musters

1st ladies match of the season was played at Musters in hot weather conditions.Struggled to get our A team together so Steph, Yvonne and Janet stepped in to help.

Angela and Karen, thank you for your usual good standard of play, but most credit must go to …Yvonne who recently had ankle injury, Janet 72 and hip op last Dec so has not played 6 sets for months and Steph who has never played 6 sets, especially in the heat!! We expected her to pull out after 2 sets, she stuck it out and played all 6 sets.

Very proud of commitment to the club.     Denise