Mixed team take out Musters in Div 1

As with the Men 2014 is the first year Ravenshead have played in the Notts League Division 1.

Musters (3rd in 2013) were the opposition and home court advantage combined with the fact that none of the Musters men that had soundly beaten Ravenshead Men’s team were in attendance added to the belief that this wasn’t going to be a thrashing.

With 2 of our regular mixed players having babies or enjoying honeymoons and captain Denise having a rest from 1st Mixed duty this summer it meant debuts for Katie Fuller and Karen Harvey.  Both Katie and Karen seemed unfazed by playing in Division 1 and in fact seemed to enjoy a harder ball being hit their way most of the time.

Karen in particular took the attack to the opposition in the first rubber leaving her partner Chris Holmes with little more to do then clear up at the net or fetch more balls for Karen to whack!.

Ravenshead won the first 2 rubbers 4-2 and 3.5-2.5 to leave the scores 7.5-4.5 going into the final rubber.  A step up in play and a calf injury hampering Musters first pairing male meant 4.5 of the final 6 sets came Ravenshead way along with a 12-6 victory.

Played 1, won 1 – 100% record.  Not sure it will stay that way!!! 🙂