Ravenshead win Notts LTA Club Champs (Shh don’t tell David Lloyd!!)

Notts LTA Club Champions Tournament  2013

This is an invitational tournament for all Notts LTA affiliated tennis clubs to submit their club champion winner (or runner up in their absence). Competitions were run for ladies and mens singles and doubles. Representing Ravenshead: Craig and Eddie in the mens doubles and Eddie for the mens singles, but also appearing in the mens doubles was Ravenshead’s first mens pair Chris and Barry and Chris in the singles.

27 July 2013 Men Doubles
Entry numbers into the tournament were a little disappointing, teams included Mansfield, Welbeck, David Lloyd Nottm (aka Ravenshead) and Ravenshead. The format was one set against each pair with the top two to battle out in a final for the championship and their names scratched into the honours board at the Notts LTA County Ground in the Park.

The weather was fantastic  – tennis as it was supposed to be played, on a lawn (and below the knees).

The first draw for Ravenshead was against Welbeck, an unknown to us. It was a close game, at 5-6 down Ravenshead had chances to take it to 6 all, but Welbeck proved strong and came out on top 7-5.  The second round was a grudge match against Chris and Barry, who had been pushed hard by Mansfield in the first round but came out on top. Chris and Barry dominated throughout and came out victorious (6-1).  The final round against Mansfield and was a fight between third and forth. Mansfield looked wounded coming off two defeats and Craig’s drive volleys and net cords were a sign that Ravenshead were back. Comfortable winners 6-3, but it was all too late.

Chris and Barry moved into the final with 3 wins and looking confident as a short break was taken, Chris tucked into his picnic box (why anyone keeps crisps in a cool box I do not know!!), Barry had been baking sausage rolls (and very good they were too).

As Chris and Barry stepped onto the court, they looked like the were walking onto the hallowed turf of Wimbledon, dressed in their whites. Barry asked for a special mention on his new Roger Federer Nike polo shirt, purchased specifically for the occasion. The crowds were 3 deep in places, well maybe momentarily.  The final was best of 3 sets.  A slow start for Chris and Barry and the set was nearly over, 3-5 and 3 set points to Welbeck, Barry had a short conversation with the fence. I am not sure what motivational words the fence had to say but momentum switched as they moved on to take the set 7-5. The second set was wrapped up reasonably quickly and Ravensheads top mens pair came out winners of the Notts LTA Mens Doubles Champions.

Overall, a good day of tennis and as the club is not scratched into the honours board, Ravenshead we can consider our club mens doubles club champions!!

Well done Chris and Barry.

28 July 2013 Mens Singles
After overnight rain we were moved onto familiar ground, hard courts (tennis as we know it – backs against the fence with loads of top spin).

Entry numbers again were disappointing with 6 entries from W. Bridgford, Welbeck, Mansfield, Keyworth, DL and Ravenshead.  The format was one set against each person, with the top two playing a best of 3 set final (if your not thinking this already, that is a lot of singles tennis).

As the first players to arrive the Chris v Eddie match was first up.  After Eddie taking a 3-2 lead Chris started to pick on Eddie’s weak links (I won’t disclose what that weakness might be!!).  Chris took the set 6-3.

The West Bridgford entry appeared the bookies early favourite, known by the organisers, name already on the honours board, son of an GB tennis coach and a regular on the national tour. As the sets fell by, his odds grew shorter, quickly despatching opponents to love (Eddie included, but “I did get to 40 on 3 occasions”) and Chris took 2 games off him. It became a race for the runners up spot between Chris and Mansfield. Mansfield came out on top taking the crucial set 7-5.  Chris claimed third spot (winning three sets) and Eddie fifth (with one victory).

As the final started the galleries were getting noisy with excitement as a shock looked on the cards in the first set.  The organisers asked for silence, boo, this was the ‘Peoples Sunday’ we had our underdog from Mansfield to support.  WB came out on top 6-4, 6-2 (I think). The winner received a sword (what a prize!!).